Felix Mendenssohn joins the Musikschule Eisbach.

Felix Mendenssohn is the most gifted pianist and composer within the musical family of Melchior Stöbernas.
For a long time Felix has considered refining his piano skills as a musician and spreading the name of Mendensson around the world and now he has finally made it.
It all began when he stumbled across a beautiful old half-timbered building at the end of the pedestrian zone in Menden – it was the little music school belonging to Bettina Eisbach and in the last week of the summer school holidays Felix Mendenssohn moved in.
There was so much to discover … from every room one could hear the sounds of music! From the cellar the most beautiful guitar sounds penetrate upwards and you can hear how Klaus Mundus encouraged his students to rehearse a new song. On the ground floor Olga’s fingers glided over the keys during her piano lesson. Felix was overwhelmed to hear that not only Olga but also Susi and even Bettina Eisbach herself teach Piano.
Felix began to dream of life on a huge stage.
Felix also found out that they also taught flute, recorder, saxophone, keyboard, mandolin and
the vocal exercises of singing students brought about high spirits.

He ran happily up the stairs, past a beginners group of chattering happy children and ended up in front of large black wings of a piano. This is where he should be, playing on this beautiful piano.