“Der nackte Wahnsinn” by Michael Frayn Engl. original: „ Noises Off“

The penniless author Philip Brent wants to celebrate his wedding anniversary with his wife Flavia secretly at home, while the young real estate broker Roger would like to use the house for a rendezvous with his girlfriend Vicky. The quirky housekeeper Mrs. Clackett on the other hand, is looking forward to a leisurely afternoon with sardines in front of the TV. These people (including burglars and sheiks etc.) all run around the house just missing each other by a fraction of a second, which leads to confusion and complications.
But suddenly they decide to leave their roles behind and ask Lloyd Dallas, the director of the play, about the meaning of their appearance on stage or what their role is all about. Their motivation phrase “The show must go on!” holds them together as they play up and down the English countryside.
Michael Frayn wrote the piece in 1982 in three acts, but only the first act is shown – in very different perspectives or time intervals. It is an excellent example of a classical Boulevard theater play which reveals satire or grotesque tensions between the cast.
The cast of nine is directed by Kirsten Ullrich-Klostermann and the premiere will be on the 3rd October.

Additional performances: 4th 17th 18th 24th 31st October. 20.30 hrs.
2nd November. 18.00 hrs.
7th 8th 21st 22nd November 20.30 hrs.
and 16th 17th January 2015 20.30 hrs.
in the Scaramouche theatre in Menden.