Alwine and the power of the stones

A grey mist moves slowly over the surface of a pond called “The Witches’ Pond” not far outside the small peaceful town of Menden. Nothing can be heard except for a few startled birds and the buzzing of some insects.
The trees tell us nothing of their secrets, the bushes and the overgrown paths reveal nothing.
Only if you are sitting very still can you see that a shrub or a branch has moved without reason.

But why? Or has something moved past that mortals cannot see? On the duck island in the middle of the pond a few leaves move unnaturally. The observer does not see a world full of magical surprises.
If our visitor was one of these magical people, then they could see that a pirate was the reason for the swirling leaves and shortly before that, Bertus, a tree wizard, walked past. High above us, Elfie flew past and Goswin, an ancient Rodenburg knight, sat on the edge of the pond.
Suddenly something big flies past, it can only be Dragnet, the clumsy dragon who landed with a thump

next to a green-clad woman. She looks up and smiles at him. This beautiful woman is Alwine, the witch.
Everything is quiet and peaceful.
A Golok stone that hangs around Alwines neck, suddenly lights up alarming everyone. The peace and quiet is a thing of the past. What is this warning all about? Is the magical or the living world in danger?

The Golok stone informs them of an enormous wave of feelings within an angry creature!
But who is it? And what does it want?

The premiere is on 25th December 2013.

Further performances: 10th , 11th , 17th , 18th , 24th , 25th , 31st January and 1st February 2014.

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