The-English-Speaking-Club Programme 2/2017

Unless otherwise stated, we meet on a Tuesday at 20.00 hrs in the Arminia Klause in Oberrödinghausen. The club consists of our chairman, Rolf Unverricht, our delightful treasurer, Christa Price and our spokesman, Martin Smith. 02373 18268

There are no obligations to take part in the games etc. that we organise. If you so wish you can simply watch and listen. The club began in 1996 and has no membership fees. We are open to everyone who can at least
speak a little English!

12.09.17 What’s going on? We organised our Autumn programme in record time! Well done everyone!!
26.09.17 Eyes down for “Bingo” with Christa.
10.10.17Christine and Chrissie are organising a “Pub Quiz”. Christa is doing a “raffle”.
24.10.17A game of “Whist” organised by Joan, can’t be left out!
07.11.17 Elke is our expert for “Who am I?” Christa is doing a “raffle”.
21.11.17 Irene is going to give us a “Quiz Surprise” evening.
05.12.17 A game of “Charades” from Irene is always a treat.
19.12.17 It’s our Christmas Party with our host Martin! We have a real Santa and Elf. We’ll be singing a few Christmas Carols. We’ll be having a “Christmas raffle”. We’ll be playing a few Christmas games. We’ll be having a surprise guest and so much more! Bring down a wrapped present worth €5 for Santa’s sack.

The first meeting after the winter break will be on Tuesday the 16th January.