... is British humour,
a combination of live music and mime


Brits are very special...
  Martin Smith's "Brits" programme
is all that in one person and lasts around one hour.
Naturally we will answer
all of your queries.

“Brits 1, 2, 40, Best of … “ and last but not least“Brits 50”.
Yes … a Brit is getting old!

Everything that men and women have ever experienced in relation to getting old is summed up in this show. (Through the eyes of a Brit of course!)

It is one of the natural things of life; people get older all the time. Even in our highly technical and fast living world – it is one of the things that we cannot influence. The cosmetic industries try hard to teach us otherwise, but the result is rather superficial, or simply just to please the eye.

Some people except the fact, others such as paranoid Brits … or should we say this paranoid Brit, simply tries not to except it. The arrival of “Brits 50”! Yes, this zero in his age gives him a headache! Adolescence, youth ….? When was that? … Gone! Or should we say: long gone? He's just going nuts, that's all!

The Brit Martin Smith is back on stage playing his best role, his role as a Brit. With every new “Brits” evening the audience have become accustomed to except new jokes, new sketches, a new script and a new cast. “Brits 1”- Martin played alongside Congregati (See music). “Brits 2” – his older son Oliver, and Alexander Sieberg took part, “Brits 40” – Oliver and Alexander were back. “Best of Brits” – involved everybody it seemed and now “Brits 50” – would only be half as good without the help of “The Bachstreet Boys & Girls” (see music) his two sons, Oliver and Christopher and last but certainly not least, his dear wife Marita.

Enjoy or maybe even suffer with him, an evening full of curiosities, a paranoid Brit, a lot of humour (you know, the typical British humour) an evening that you can sit back and hold your stomach for laughing.

Be warned: The next “Brits” evening is on its way and the premier is always in the Scaramouche Theatre in Menden. www.katastrophenkultur.de