Peter and the Wolf

In 1936 Sergej Prokofief wrote the fairytale to introduce children to instruments and music. The Katastrophen Kultur cast played this Russian fairytale as a puppet show at Christmas. Wolfgang Weist and Martin Smith rewrote the story and Martin Smith told the story. Peter Neuhaus designed the puppets and Bodo Schulte made them with the help of some of the cast.
The staging was left in the capable hands of Wolfgang Pflüger.

Peter and the wolf is thought of as a classic in the musical fairytale department, but even so the Katastrophen Kultur gave their own special touch to it.
Lovingly made puppets and stage, six committed puppeteers and Martin Smith as the narrator – the audience were allowed to enjoy all of this live on stage.

The story itself is all about Peter who lives with his grandfather. He told his grandchild that it was forbidden to play on the nearby meadow, because there was a wolf on the loose

Here‘s what the papers wrote:

“The sharp edge between children & adult theatre is certainly no easy task to manage but this Katastrophen Kultur production signs of nerves or even foolishness was nowhere to be seen.“

“The Katastrohen Kultur inspired the audience with their Prokofiev premiere; Martin was brilliant as the narrator.“