Scrooge – a Christmas Carol Charles Dickens

in the Scaramouche Theatre under the indoor bathes in Menden.

I’m planning a Christmas production.

I know, it’s a little early but after all, Christmas is always just around the corner.
I’m planning a production that will fit well in the Yule session. It’s called “A Christmas Carol”, or in German &qout;Scrooge – eine Weihnachtsgeschichte”.
For all the people who don’t know Charles Dickens (?) – The story includes a bit of everything; sorrow, happiness and reflection. Scrooge, an intolerant old man, is the main character and has no time for Christmas. He also can’t stand any form of goodwill, charity and informality. His deceased partner Marlies (Original: Marley) came to warn him that 3 ghosts were about to arrive. These ghosts represent the Christmas past, present and future.
During their visit Scrooge begins to change. We approach a happy end with Scrooge as a new man, charitable and fun-loving
. I’d like the production to have live-music and a large pieces of scenery on stage. It will also have special effects, morbid ghosts, funny elements and comical characters.
Naturally I’ll give it my special touch and the original words have been altered here and there.

Whoever would like to spend their Christmas break in our little theatre should get a move on and buy tickets.

Premiere: 25th December 20.30 hrs.

Additional performances on the 26th December 20.30 hrs.

27th December 17.00 hrs.
2nd January 20.30 hrs.
8th January 20.30 hrs.
9th January 20.30 hrs
10th January 17.00 hrs.