„It was a cold, cold winters night. In a cottage in the country, tucked away beneath the hills a little boy lay sleeping…“

The Christmas feeling begins each year for children of all ages after hearing these words. For the last 18 years, they have heard the story of a young boy who makes friends with a snowman and enjoys one adventure after another with him. The snowman lives in the garden belonging to the boys‘ parents and can not only walk but can also dance and fly!

Martin Smith magically brings the British Christmas feeling onto the stage – the undeniable Christmas cake, decorations, presents and naturally the Christmas tree. The actor, a native speaker born in Birmingham, allows an easy access to the English text by using a slide show, songs and his facial expression.

Real fans are adults though who come back every year.

PS. One can sometimes hear children whisper to each other as the meet Martin Smith around the town. ‘There is Mr. Lollipop!‘ – then this is what they traditionally receive as a farewell gift after the show.