Alwine:A story all about elves, witches and knights.

From Sassenland in Schwitten down to the south of Menden in Teufelssiep in Böingsen and from Dahlhausen to Oesbern in the east, Menden is rich in legends and old stories. Elves, witches and knights have lived in the area for ages and only a few were evil at heart.

The good majority lived (Or the case of ghosts, didn't live!)around the Hexenteich and the Rodenburg and even though the human race barely knew of their existence, they had one adventure after another.

Alwine is a story written by Martin Smith, all about a witch called Alwine who lived at the Hexenteich (or Witches Pond). She tries to help her good friend and knight, Goswin. With a little help from her other friends, Bertus a magician, Uhu a wise owl and Elfie an cheeky Elf, she travels back in time to Godwin's age.

The production is unfortunately too big for the Scaramouche theatre, therefore it'll be performed at the Hubertushalle, Stiftstzr. in Menden.

The cast is 39 strong, with 18 working hard behind the scenes to make Mendens largest play of the year a good one. The 21 actors are ready and waiting.

Unfortunately all the places on stage have been taken which tells us that people are interested. But if anyone who would like to get involved, can still do so behind the scenes. There is still room for a sound technician bearing in mind that the high quality sounds would be prepared earlier by Christian Fischer, therefore only a feel for the job at hand is helpful. Also a prompter and a stage manager are required. If you are interested then get in touch with Martin Smith 02373 18268.

Martin is also planning to draw a comic strip of the production. So each and every actor will be able to recognize themselves. If and where the comic strip is published is not yet clear but the originals can be seen in the Foto Brenne shop window, Unnaerstr. in Menden.

The performance dates are: 9th, 10th, 11th, 16th, 17th, 18th, 23th and the 24th September 2011.